Interfibio is a research group formed in 2004 to create a critical mass of researchers of the Department of Chemical Engineering of the URV working at the bio/material interface.

The team combines long experience in bioelectrochemistry and physical chemistry, molecular biology and nanotechnology/materials science.?Interfibio is a ?consolidated research group? recognized for its excellence by the ministry of Education of the autonomous government of Catalonia.

The most productive and active research of the group is centred in the exploitation of breakthroughs at the confluence of bio-, micro- and nano- technologies to create low-cost non-invasive intelligent diagnosis systems that can be applied to clinical, environmental and food analysis. Research activities also focus on the development of new sensors and relevant amplification systems for applications in microarrays (biochips).

Advances in molecular biology and biosensor technology and the integration of nanostructured functional components into microfluidic platforms, all contribute to the successful development of these systems.

At the moment, our work is focused on the development of ultrasensitive immuno- and geno- sensors and novel pathogen sensors. In system integration we focus on the development of low cost integrated microfluidic devices.