Thesis Submission

Your doctoral journey is approaching to the end. Before starting the administrative procedure for you final defense, make sure that your thesis fulfills the formal requirements described in the Book of Style of the URV and, if it is an article-based thesis, the conditions fixed in the Policy for Article-based Thesis Submission of our programme.

See the timetable here.


Documents to be submitted by the student to the Academic Committee of the programme (see the calendar at the end):

Doc.1: Thesis defence application form (in the language you prefer, i.e., Catalan, Spanish or English).

Doc.2: Copy of the thesis (PDF). You will have to submit a hard copy of the thesis to Núria Juanpere, as well.

Doctoral theses at the URV must be submitted with a cover that features the following elements in a clear and visible manner:

  • The name and the logo of the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (you will find the logos here).
  • The words “Doctoral Thesis” (in the appropriate language)
  • The title of the thesis, the name and surnames of the doctoral student and the year of completion.

[Here you can download the templates for the cover (it is not compulsory)]

  • It has to include also a certificate from the supervisors stating that they have directed your thesis. You will find an example here.

**Please note that the version of the thesis that you submit online MUST also include this page with the signatures.**

Additional useful information:

IMPORTANT: For those theses with confidential content, a specific protocol must be applied for the deposit and subsequent defence.


Doc. 3: Document of Doctoral Activities (You can download this document from SAD app from URV intranet)

Doc. 4: List of publications (PDF) (Free format)

Doc. 5: Documentary proof of having spent at least three months in a country other than Spain (for those students applying for a European or international distinction) (PDF)

Once you have prepared all these documents you have to post them here.

Take into account that you have to access the intranet as students (typically, with your passport and birth date).

Documents to be submitted by your supervisor to the Academic Committee of the programme:

At the same time, your supervisor has to submit the following documents by email to

Doc. 6: Supervisor’s report

Doc7: Jury proposal

Doc8: External evaluators proposal (for those students applying for an international distinction)

What happens next? The Doctoral Committee will approve your submission and will send its agreement to the Doctoral School.

  • The Doctoral School ( will send you the receipt for the payment and the TDX contract in pdf.
  • You have to pay the receipt and print as many copies of the contract as supervisors you have, one for you and one for the university. Both your supervisors and you have to sign the contracts.
  • After the payment, your thesis will be submitted to the Committee of the Doctoral School for its definite approval.
  • Once it is approved you will have a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 60 natural days to defend.
  • You have to inform the department (i.e. Núria) of the date of the defence. The department will contact the members of the tribunal and arrange their travel.
  • You will have to send the members of the tribunal (and external reviewers if you apply for the International Mention) a copy of the thesis: either hardcopies by postal mail or pdf copies by email.
  • After the defense, you will have to provide the following documents to the Sescelades Campus Secretariat for Academic Management (ground floor of the N4 building) to apply for the Doctoral degre:
    • Application form:
    • Identity card or passport (original and photocopy), or an attested photocopy. (NO NIE)
    • The final version of the thesis in pdf.

Calendar for the submission of the thesis (2023/2024)