Compulsory Formative Activities

There are two main participation types in the doctoral program: Research Itinerary or Industrial Doctorate. Both of them involve the accomplishment of a series of formative activities as described below:

Research Itinerary

This is the classical enrollment more, in which a student carries our a research project under the supervision of one or more researchers in a research group.

TRAINING IN RESEARCH: Preparation and defense of the doctoral thesis. It is the main activity of the candidate and lasts three years from admission. The thesis has to be written in English.

TRAINING IN DISSEMINATION AND PUBLICATION OF RESEARCH RESULTS: Presentation of research results in publications, conferences etc. Each doctoral student must demonstrate the publication or acceptance of at least one scientific article as first author in an indexed publication of their field of knowledge.

TRAINING IN MOBILITY AND SCIENTIFIC EXCHANGE:?Mobility implies stays outside the URV, preferably stays out of Spain in institutions of higher education or research activities studying or doing research. If the stay is 3 months long (or more) and the host institution is outside Spain, the student shall be eligible for the International Mention. Mobility also includes attendance at conferences, seminars, workshops or other activities involving displacement of students and their integration or coexistence with other researchers or related scientific field. At least one mobility activity is compulsory.

TRAINING IN MANAGEMENT OF R&D ACTIVITIES: Includes management and planning of research projects, analysis of scientific literature, oral presentations, scientific ethics, leadership and team work, technical language… etc. Training to be made in the first two years preferably. We offer a PROFID course module certified by ICE-URV organised annually by the program.

MULTIDISCIPLINARY SEMINARS: Among the different seminar offers that exist in the URV and related centers, students must attend at least 25 seminars during the three years. Fridays, at 12:00.

DOCTORAL DAYS: Conference format session of mandatory attendance organised every year to present the research work in the form of a poster and/or selected oral communication.

OTHER RECOGNIZED ACTIVITIES: Other external or internal activities on theoretical, applied or practical training. Typically, the student must attend ~ 50 hours during the doctorate. The contents of these activities is free but has to be related with the doctorate. These include information sources, databases, occupational risk prevention, intellectual property, language courses or any other specific topic. Each training activity must be accredited (copy of certificate of attendance, book of abstracts, letter from the organisers, etc.) to be included in the DAD.

PROFID Courses offered by URV:

In some cases, the academic commission will send information on specially recommended courses or workshops to attend.

An indicative calendar of the formative activities is shown below:


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

RESEARCH WORK ?X ?X ?X 3 years(*), full time
DISSEMINATION ? ?X ?X At least 1 publication ISI
MOBILITY ? ?X ?X At least 1 mobility(**)
TRAINING IN MANAGMENT OF R&D ?X ?X ? Training course
DOCTORAL DAY ?X ?X ?X 1 per year

(*) Extentions of one year may be allowed upon request and with previous authorization of the academic commission.

(**) The International Mention may be granted if the mobility is outside Spain for at least 3 months.

Industrial Doctorate

In this option, a research project is carried out at a company in collaboration with a university, and which is the subject of a doctoral thesis. The time dedicated by the student to the research projects will be divided between the company and the university.

The student will take part in training courses in specific skills related to project coordination and management, business plans, industrial and intellectual property, among other relevant subjects (~ 60 hours). The Doctoral School will inform on the dates/location of these courses/activities and attendance is mandatory.

The rest of formative activities and their equivalence with the research itinerary is shown below:

DISSEMINATION AND PUBLICATION At least 1 publication ISI or patent application.
In case of confidenciality issues, the student is requested to justify why no dissemination can be done at the moment of the thesis deposit.
MOBILITY The stay in the company is considered the mobility action.
TRAINING IN MANAGMENT OF R&D Included in the specific training programme of industrial doctorates
MULTIDISCIPLINARY SEMINARS Included in the specific training programme of industrial doctorates
DOCTORAL DAY Presentation of a poster in the Doctoral Days during the second or third year
OTHER TRAINING ACTIVITIES Included in the specific training programme of industrial doctorates