Call for Mobility Grants 2023/2024

The Doctoral Programme in Nanoscience, Materials and Chemical Engineering opens a call for mobility grants to students wishing to fulfill the internationalization requirement for the International Mention.


To promote the realization of internships in foreign academic and/or research institutions in order to improve or acquire new technical and methodological skills, foster international collaboration and improve personal and communicative skills.


  • Number of grants and amount: 5 grants of 400 euros, in a unique payment.
  • Dates and duration of the stay: From January 1, 2023 (retroactive) until August 31, 2024 with a duration of at least 1 month. It should be the first stay of the student.


  • For students in the 2nd year onwards who cannot enjoy mobility aids from other programs or scholarships (for example: Martí Franquès standard, scholarships financed by groups or other programs, students without a scholarship, etc.).


  • Complete and sign the application form, convert to .pdf and send by email to
  • The application should be accompanied by a letter from the host group indicating the dates of the stay (finalized, in course, or planned), objectives and expected joint outputs (publications, participation in congresses, etc.). Please send a single file including application form and letter.
  • Deadline for submission: November 27, 2023. Applications will be resolved by November 29, 2023.


By e-mail:

By phone: (34)-977559720.