Before Coming

  • All foreign students must come to Tarragona with their title translated in Spanish and LEGALISED by a Spanish diplomatic mission or they should be stamped with the apsostille of Hague.
  • All TRANSCRIPTS, academic certificates, and documents related to related courses or courses that the student wants to recognise should also be translated and legalised.
  • All foreign students should obtain a visa from the Spanish Embassy in their country. This visa is for STUDIES only and is valid for three months. Once in Tarragona, it should be changed in the police for a permanent student visa.
    European Union students do not need a student visa, but they do have to meet the other requirements (translation and legalisation of their titles and transcripts).
  • When final travel arrangements have been made, students should contact their supervisor and the PhD committee to inform on the date and time of arrival in Barcelona airport. All students should arrange with their supervisor lodging at least for the first month before coming to Tarragona.


Foreign students should obtain as soon as possible their foreign ID Number (NIE).

To do this follow these steps:

  1. Bring the original of your passport (make a couple of copies in any case).
  2. Bring copy and original of your visa from the Spanish embassy.
  3. Bring seven photos (passport size).
  4. Bring the document from the department or your sponsor (whoever pays your scholarship) mentioning the amount of scholarship, the acceptance to the programme, and the fact that there is medical insurance. For most of scholarships you can obtain this standard document from N?RIA (Secretaria of Chemical Engineering).
  5. Go with the above documents to Human Resources (Rectorate, calle Escorxador s/n) and ask to see FINA. Give the documents to her people.


The National Police local offices (immigration department) will stay open in the next months from 16:00 to 18:30 in the afternoons from Monday to Thursday.

This is an improvement from the MORNING ONLY schedule they had until now.

Recently, the University has reached an agreement with the Police and there is no need to wait for long hours in neverending queues. Ask N?ria what you have to do.