The Mission of our doctoral programme is to graduate highly qualified doctors with the necessary multicultural and multidisciplinary experience and transferable skills to:

  • Conceive, plan, execute, and manage research, development and innovation projects.
  • Excel in academic careers in all areas related to Nanoscience, Materials and Chemical Engineering.

The aim of doctoral studies is to train doctoral researchers either as future scientists or as scientifically trained professionals who will valorise their doctoral expertise and competences both in academic and non-academic contexts, which mainly relies in the elaboration and presentation of a doctoral thesis that consists of an original research work. This dual objective requires a versatile training programme that addresses both academic expertise and personal skills and includes different training activities focused on dissemination of research results, management of research and development activities, mobility and exchange actions.

Therefore, the awareness among doctoral candidates of the importance of both recognizing and enhancing the skills that they develop and acquire through research is raised. As a result, their employment prospects both in academia and on the wider work market should be notably improved.

With the participation of research groups from four academic departments (Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Analytical and Organic Chemistry and Physical and Inorganic Chemistry) and four associated research centres (ICIQ, IREC, CTQC and IRTA) our doctoral programme inherits a long-term tradition of doctoral studies that commenced back in 1978 and adopted its present form in 1995 with the name Graduate Studies in Chemical & Process Engineering. In 2006, it took the name of Doctoral Programme in Chemical, Environmental and Process Engineering, already completely adapted to the new EHEA arising from the Bologna process. Previously, in 2003, it was the first Spanish Chemical Engineering programme awarded with the ?Quality Mention? (reference MCD2003-00815) by the Ministry of Education, through the Spanish accreditation board ANECA. This recognition was received again in 2006 (reference MCD2006-00584) and was maintained after several follow-up procedures.

The Doctoral Programme in Chemical, Environmental and Process Engineering merged in 2013 with the Doctoral Programme in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, created in 2009 and also positively evaluated by ANECA, resulting in the implementation of the Doctoral Programme in Nanoscience, Materials and Chemical Engineering as a result of the approval of the Royal Decree 99/2011 which regulates the doctoral studies in Spain. The three programmes will therefore co-exist until the extinction in 2017 of the previous programmes.