Academic Commission

The academic comission deals with all academic aspects such as admission, evaluation, approval of thesis defense. The current composition of the commission is as follows:


Dr. Alex Fragoso (coordinator), office 318 ETSEQ, phone: 977558579


Dr. Jordi Riu (Dept. of Analytical and Organic Chemistry)


Dr. Francisco Medina (Dept. of Chemical Engineering)
Dra. M. Carme Güell (Dept. of Chemical Engineering)
Dra. Marta Giamberini (Dept. of Chemical Engineering)
Dra. Marta Schuhmacher (Dept. of Chemical Engineering)
Dr. Dieter-Thomas Boer (Dept. of Mechanical Engineering)
Dr. Jordi Pallarés (Dept. of Mechanical Engineering)
Dra. Magdalena Aguiló (Dept. Physical and Inorganic Chemistry)

Postgraduate technician:

Núria Juanpere, phone: 977559720