Anke Lindner

Institution: Université Paris Diderot

Dr. Anke Lindner has joined the physics department of the University Paris Diderot (UPD) in 2013 and holds a full professor position there. Her research group is part of the PMMH lab at the Ecole Supérieure de Physique et Chimie (ESPCI), Paris. She obtained her PhD from the Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris in 2000 and her Habilitation from the University Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC), Paris in 2010. She has worked as a consultant et McKinsey and Company, in Zurich, Switzerland and as a Post-Doctoral fellow at ESPCI. She has prior to her appointment at UPD held an assistant professor position at UPMC. Her research topics can best be summarized as “flow of complex fluids” and cover a broad range of topics from rheology of granular or active suspensions, to adhesion of soft viscoelastic materials and more recently fluid structure interactions, microfluidics and elastic flow instabilities. She has published more than 55 papers in journals as PRL, Phys. Fluids, PNAS, Lab on Chip or JFM. She has recently been awarded an ERC consolidator grant.