Benjami Martorell Masip

Institution: Materials Science Department, Deregallera LTD, UK

Dr. Benjamí Martorell Masip (Tortosa, 1981) is a computational Material Scientist, presently working at the company Deregallera, Wales (UK), modelling new materials for industrial use. He got his bachelor’s degree in Chemistry (2003) in the University Rovira i Virgili (URV), where he also defended his PhD thesis in computational and theoretical chemistry (2008) titled “Organic Molecules on Metal Surfaces: Forecasting Structures and Spectra”, and it was awarded with Cum Laude, European Mention. In his thesis, he studied the adsorption and chemistry properties of some organic molecules on bare metal surfaces at DFT level. After this period, he was a post-doctoral fellow in the Technical University of Munich for 1.5 years, studying the interaction of actinide cations with the environment, in the group of theoretical Chemistry of Prof. Notker Rösch. Since 2010 to 2014 he worked as a post-doctoral assistant in the University College London, in the computational mineral physics group under the supervision of Prof. Lidunka Vocadlo. He did study the behaviour of materials of the Earth’s core using ab initio molecular dynamics simulations, and among other works, he published a manuscript in the journal Science. In this same period, he also obtained a bachelor’s degree in Physics in the UNED (2014). He is at present co-supervising two PhD thesis, one in the University of Cardiff about thermoelectric materials and another one in the URV about the in-silico description of the toxicity of nanomaterials.