Bartosz Tylkowski

Department: Chemical Engineering Department Institution: Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Dr. Tylkowski received his MSc degree in Chemistry at the Adam Mickiewicz University (2004), Poznan, Poland and PhD degree in Chemical Sciences, Technologies and Processes at the Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry, University of Genoa, Genoa, Italy (2008). He is a three time winner of the Marie Curie post-doctorate fellowships (OPEN TOK project under 6th FP in Tarragona, Spain (2008-2009), IAPP project under 7th FP in Sofia, Bulgaria (2009-2010), and IOF project under 7th FP in Tarragona, Spain/Cincinnati, USA). As a post-doctorate researcher, he worked on a Procter & Gamble project, “Preparation of UV microcapsules” at CTQC/URV, to create new materials for consumer goods. Currently, Dr. Tylkowski has returned back to the DEQ after 2 years of stay at Procter& Gamble Company, Cincinnati, USA, where he worked as a Visiting Scientist under an Individual Outgoing Marie Curie Grant. Dr. Tylkowski’s research interests are focused on preparation and characterization of UV and Visible light sensitive membranes and microcapsules; based on stilbene, azobenzene and modified azobenzene compounds.