Ann-Charlotte Larsson

Department: Department of Built Environment and Energy Technology Institution: Linnaeus University, Sweden

Prof. Larsson is Vice Dean of the Faculty of Technology with responsibility for cooperation internationally and with companies nationally and regionally as well as for bachelor and master education. Their educations range from engineering, computer science, mathematics, science teaching to naval academic studies.
Her research areas are related to environmental science with a focus on air pollution and chemical process engineering. Her speciality is interaction of catalysts with the chemical process where the catalyst is applied with a goal to understand and improve material lifetime. In this field she holds an adjunct professorship at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH).
She has a long background in industry and has recently joined Linnaeus University. Her experience from industry involves research on flue gas cleaning processes including SOx, NOx, Hg and Dioxins where she worked both nationally and internationally. She haa also been globally involved in developing new processes for capture of carbon dioxide from fossil fuel off gases to abate climate change.
Within her national and international cooperation she holds a number of positions in company boards, review committees and network organizations.

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